Interactive Media

Kidnapped is an interactive game made for the android platform, created in the courses Interactive medias and Pervasive computing during my B.Sc in IT.


The purpose of this course was to investigate and create a shape shifting interface with the focus on light. Our result was a relatively big lamp that was able to expand and retract it's shape depending on the proximity of a person.

Urban Intervention

How much do people living in Aarhus think about their roots and the city where they live? Don’t most people tend to forget where they grew up and the bond they have created to certain musicians and locations throughout their childhood? In relation to ECoC

Experience Design - The Social Table

We all eat, and most of us like dining considerably. Everyday experience tells us that a fine meal or eating experience has more to it than simply the food. For this reason, people spend money on romantic restaurants, throw barbeques under the summer sky,

Context Awareness

Context-awareness is a research field focusing on providing relevant services to users based on e.g. time and location as well as sensing and analysing of many other parameters from of the user and the surrounding environment.

Pervasive Positioning

Pervasive positioning is an interdisciplicary area focusing on developing and utilizing systems and sensors for positioning. Due to sensors (e.g. GPS, WiFi, Accelorometers) it is today possible to collect various positioning-related measurements.

Interactive Spaces

Through theoretical and practical work with spatial concepts, providing experience and understanding of how interaction designers can actively exploit the understanding of the space of the room in relation to man.

Volkswagen Innovation Project

The innovation project with Volkswagen AG was a group project conducted over a 7 week period with a final presentation at Volkswagen AG headquarters in Wolfsburg,

Interaction Design - IKEA Case

Based on observations, IKEA’s customers often experience a lot of problems when using the self-checkout counters. The aim of this project is to propose a redesign of IKEA’s self-checkout counters, which improves the overall customer experience which

Human Factors Engineering - IKEA Case

The purpose of this case was to investigate which physical risks are endured by customers and staff when retrieving or stocking items at IKEA's self service point. Based on the findings a solution was presented on how these could be lowered.