The journey begins - Part 1

In the cover of the darkness, I carry my suitcase down the stairs. I've said my goodbyes to my friends, the apartment and the city that has been my home for the last 8 years. A city that carries a lot of meaning and memories for me - good, bad all of them. But I know it is time to move on. My time here is spent and I need to change my surroundings with new challenges and experiences. The wind is blowing and it is cold waiting at the bus stop for the last bus to carry me down to the train station so that I am able to get to the airport. The train is on time. I put my suitcase above my seat and take out my laptop and start to watch some movies on Netflix. The train is half empty. People are tired and some are already trying to sleep a bit. Halfway through the trip, the train suddenly starts to slow down. The trains PA systems turn on "We are slowing down because one of the electrical cables have fallen down on the tracks and DSB maintenance is currently working on the problem. We do not know when we will be able to go on. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you". A small sense of worry is starting to build in me. "How long is this going to take?! Am I going to miss my plane because of this?" 10 minutes pass by. 30 minutes pass by. The same message plays over the PA system. Finally, the train is starting to move. Several smaller delays happen under way and we are told that in order to catch up some of the lost time the train will not go to Copenhagen main train station, instead, it will go straight to the airport. Several passages, including me, gives a little sign of relief. It is now early in the morning. I rush my suitcase into the check-in counter and walk upstairs to security so that I can get into the terminal. When I finally arrive I check the clock and see that I have well over 50 minutes before the plane is scheduled to depart. I find a seat and start to listen to music in order to relax a bit. The trip goes from CPH Airport to Berlin to Münich. Now, I am cursed when it comes to travel by plane. During every single trip in the last two years, I have been selected for random security checks and no surprise here my bag gets checked for explosive residue. That one time when I won the whole lottery my bag was searched, checked for explosive residue and my clothes as well. I catch some sleep while in the air. Sleep that was well needed. Arriving in Münich airport is familiar. I was here not too long ago to visit some friends. I get my suitcase and start walking toward the S-Bahn to go towards Marienplatz. When I get out there is snow everywhere. It is a comforting feeling to see snow again, seems like it has been ages. I get to the Bragi office and buzzes myself in. Stephanie, my contact person from HR greets me and hand me over the keys for the apartment that was arranged previously and tells me that Linard is going to arrive on Sunday and gives me his key. The meeting was short. I am still very tired from the long trip by train and the very few hours of sleep I have managed to get on the planes. I put in the address of the apartment in Google Maps and start out my trip to the apartment. This time I take the U-Bahn to Poccistrasse, turn on Maps again and start working in the direction the GPS is pointing me at. I arrive at the building after a 15 min walk. During the walk, I pass a sign with a name I recognize. "Didn't I send an application to you guys at one point?". The key works with the building front door. I suddenly realize that I have no idea which apartment it is. I scroll through various email and find out that it is located on the ground floor. This leaves me with 3 options and I put the key into the first door. Doesn't turn. I try the next, this time the key turn but the door won't open. I jiggle the key back and forth in the lock a couple of times and sudden the door makes a sound and I am able to open it. The apartment if fairly big. 3 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms - kitchen and living room. Since I'm the first one here I select the room I like the best and start to unpack my suitcase a bit. I fix the bed and look at my watch. 2pm. I think to myself "Screw it" and start to sleep. When I wake up it's 12pm and I just go back to bed again.