Bragi Ears

Introduction video

In 2015 Bragi created the first and only in-ear computer that enables, protects and entertains you. As Bragi moved forward with its vision of enabling people, we wanted to bring intelligence into hearing enhancement that customizes itself to you.

Project Ears wanted to not only makes you hear better but also to understand you. Your hearing is as unique as you are, so the products aim to adapt to your earprint. We want to bring you relief from tinnitus and noise when you need it, and enhance your hearing in environments where you face difficulties.

Working with Mimi Hearing Technologies, experts on human hearing and sound personalization, we will collaborate on a product that for the first time combines both embedded tinnitus relief and personalized hearing enhancement.

In this project, I was Design Lead and as such my responsibilities were to organize, coordinate, plan and estimate the various tasks needed to bring the project together to a finished product. Alongside with my team which included audio engineers, software developers, and project managers we work tirelessly towards making this into the best possible product.