4D Menu

The Virtual 4D Menu enables 100% hands free interaction with The Dash. In order for The Virtual 4D Menu to work correctly please make sure that you have first calibrated The Dash to your ears. Enter

In order to enter the menu the following steps need to be performed.

Keep your head level and look straight. Look down. Then look straight and listen for the signal. When you hear the first signal swiftly look up a bit and listen for the second signal. When you hear the second signal, look straight again.

Select There are three diverse ways to select an item. All three require you to first look at the item you want to select. You can perform either a look down, head nod, or Tapping on The Right or Left Dash.

When you select an item the Virtual 4D Menu will automatically close. Exit

Exiting the menu can be done in three diverse ways:

Through a head shake A Long Hold on either The Right or Left Dash Allowing the 4D menu to time out by itself by not moving your head We highly recommend considering the situation in which you use the 4D Virtual Menu. Always pay attention to your surroundings, e.g. when riding your bike in heavy traffic.